Assess the usefulness of functionalist theories

Outline the evidence that the elderly are disadvantaged in contemporary UK.

Assess the usefulness of functionalist theories in explaining crime and deviance

Outline and assess the Weberian explanations of class inequality. Choose Type of service. Parsons argues that there is a clear division of labour roles between husbands wives which continue to occur naturally as women are more suited to the nurturing role and men to that of the provider and as a result roles are fixed and are not negotiable like Blumer argues Radical feminists agree with Marxists that wider social structures have shaped our behaviour, however they believe that the social structure which has done this is not Capitalism but patriarchy which is a society based on male dominance Therefore a social fact is a feature of society rather than individuals.

Evaluate the contribution of Feminist theories to our understanding of patriarchy in the UK. Ritualism and retreatism both reject their ends. Like Mead, Blumer used the example of the animals to illustrate that our actions are not based on automatic responses to stimuli Outline ways in which social mobility may differ in relation to age Conflict theories useless to explain why certain individuals comitt deviant act of sucide could use Durkheim.

Outline and assess Marxist explanations of social class inequalities 8. Katz argues that SC theorists ignore the factor of the thrill of the crime. A main theorist is Durkheim; Durkheim aimed to achieve two things, he wanted to establish the idea that religion was not divinely or supernaturally inspired and was caused by society.

Even though labelling theorists can explain the patterns of inequality of groups, for example the negative labelling of working class boys in education, it does not explain and explore the wider social structures such as class inequality Assess the usefulness of Feminism for understanding gender inequalities in the contemporary UK 40 marks Conception, Prenatal, and Infant DevelopmentTheories of Family Development Identify the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social competencies of infants and design activities to encourage healthy development.

Tuition for individual courses varies. Some offense might suit all three subcultures. Outline the ways in which social mobility may differ in relation to class Discuss the view that social class differences in society are functional Age 1.

Interactionist Goffman also rejects functionalism's view on roles being tightly scripted by society and something which is the result of socialisation, instead Goffman argues that there is a clear gap between our real self and our roles But some people do non accept ends like fiscal success.

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Examine the components of self-esteem and design activities to enhance a child's sense of self. Which one are you. Cicourel refers to this study as the negotiation of justice which is the idea that justice is not a fixed concept but negotiated as for example a white middle class youth committed a crime, they may get a shorter sentence than a black working class youth.

Describe the social, emotional, and physical development issues of adolescents. Durkheim was concerned with social solidarity; primarily he believed religion as a functional source of socialisation. If anyone could offer me any advice that would be great.

Margaret Collinson argues that subcultural theory is largely androcentric, meaning SCT may be more about masculinity than subcultures. A value consensus maintains social order and a shared set of norms and values are vital for the social order to perform right.

Providing a bridge the particularistic values and universalistic values. June Outline the evidence that some ethnic minorities are disadvantaged in the contemporary UK.

Outline evidence of workplace inequality related to class. As a result, Goffman argues that as individuals we see to present ourselves in a favourable light so we must control the impression our performance gives Jan Outline the evidence that some ethnic groups are advantaged in contemporary UK 5.

Another labelling theorist, Cooley, argues that we as individuals develop a self-concept based on our ability to take on the role of the other Fighting and joy riding provide exampls of irrational pleasures derived from transgression, often due to boredom.

Evaluate Marxist explanations of social class inequalities Outline ways in which inequalities of wealth and income are linked to other forms of social class inequality 20 marks 2. “Functionalist theories are overly deterministic and ignore the extent of conflict and division in society - Assess the usefulness of functionalist contributions to our understanding of society.” 33 Marks.

Compare and assess the usefulness of the different theories of development in relation to explaining human behavior. Assess the influence of culture and gender on infant development. nutrition, and environment on prenatal development. Describe structural functionalist theory, symbolic interactionist theory, social conflict theory, and.

AQA A LEVEL SOCIOLOGY BOOK TWO Topic 1 Functionalist, strain and subcultural theories 1 Topic 2 Interactionism and labelling theory 11 Topic 3 Class, power and crime 20 Topic 4 Realist theories of crime 31 Topic 5 Gender, crime and justice 39 Topic 6 Ethnicity, crime and justice 50 Topic 7 Crime and the media 59 Topic 8 Globalisation, green crime, human rights & state crime Functionalist Approach • Rather than starting with the individual as with biological and psychological theories, the functionalist analysis of deviance starts begins with society as a whole.

7. Crime as Inevitable • Durkheim argued that crime is an inevitable and normal aspect of social life. An 11 minute vodcast/ lecture on Functionalist theories of crime.

An 11 minute vodcast/ lecture on Merton’s Strain Theory (includes Institutional Anomie Theory) Twynham’s Functionalism and crime post offers a useful summary! ← Assess the Marxist View of the Role of Education in Society. Structural Functionalism is a sociological theory that attempts to explain why society functions the way it does by focusing on the relationships between the various social institutions that make up society (e.g., government, law, education, religion, etc).

Assess the usefulness of functionalist theories
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