Laws against cell phone use while driving essay

Brooklyn, Ohio, on March 22 in became the city to first ban the use of handheld cell phones in vehicles, unless the driver kept both hands on the steering wheel. With millions of Americans driving today, and the many that use cell phones while driving, the problem is very real and very grave.

North Dakota and Ohio have banned hand held cell phones for novice drivers and texting for all drivers.

Know the Texting and Driving Laws in Your State

Driving License Points — Some states that use a point system can have your score negatively impacted for texting and driving. Driver Safety Training Reduce crashes and protect your bottom line. Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Text messages require a lot of focus.

The police should enforce the law more, rather than a new law being passed. The public simply doesn't pay as much attention to this subject as they should. This article highlights states where texting-while-driving is not currently banned at the state level, and also provides an overview of laws affecting mobile phone use and texting while driving.

Consequences of Texting and Driving Aside from the obvious ticket you might receive for texting and driving in states that ban it, there are many other consequences. This makes no sense at all. Many states have passed laws forbidding text messaging while driving, and there are even fewer that have passed laws that ban cell phone usage while driving completely.

This research paper delves deep into this issue focusing on the pros and cons of the law that bars drivers to use cell phones while driving. This is because when talking to the passenger, the driver may be tempted to address the passenger directly by turning to face them and this will automatically make them loose concentration and can cause an accident.

In Maine, only novices age 18 and under are banned from handheld cell phones. The law banning the use of cell phones while driving will add on to the rules against drunk driving and the laws against driving without attention and due care.

Through the spread of awareness and legislative action regarding the ban of cell phone usage while driving, there would be little excuse for those who defend themselves on the basis of ignorance.

So why hasn't there been a law passed already that prohibits using cell phones nationwide. Illinois has a texting ban, and its handheld cell phone ban applies in school zones and road construction zones.

There are, however, exceptions for emergencies, two-way radio devices, communicating with dispatch while parked, and communicating with school or public safety officials using hands-free technology.

According to research, the drivers who use the cell phone while driving have slow reactions in the breaking tests than the non-users Leone However, the most important message should be to act on this knowledge; to take a stand and write our representatives a message demanding legislative action banning cell phone usage nationwide.

In Connecticut, a hand-held cell phone ban is in effect as well as a text messaging ban on all drivers under Also, it is reported that this sentence is backed with a prison sentence The state should therefore pass a law that bans distracted driving generally and not cell phone use only.

September 11, Safe Driving and Standardization of Cell Phone Regulations By Logan William Romero Have you ever been behind a car where the driver is consistently swerving in and out of their lane and watch them narrowly miss oncoming cars or pedestrians.

Distracted driving causes very many accidents but the honest statistics show that the use of cell phones while driving constitutes only a very small percentage of these accidents.

Use your cell phone and dial The same applies to texting. Thursday, December 18, Related Links.

3 reasons why cell phones shouldnt be allowed while driving?

Apr 24,  · The laws vary from state to state, but if you're caught talking on a handheld cell phone while driving in states like New Jersey, Washington, Connecticut, Oregon, California, or New York, you could be pulled over and Resolved.

Virginia’s distracted driving law generally bans texting-while-driving for all motorists and talking on a cellphone for only certain drivers.

Virginia's Cellphone-Use & Texting-While-Driving Laws

This article discusses the specifics of what the law prohibits and the costs and other consequences of a violation. Those laws ban talking and texting on handheld phones while driving.

But any other handheld use of a phone, such as shooting videos or scanning Facebook, has been technically legal.

Free Laws Against Cell-Phone Use While Driving Essay Sample

Cell phone use while driving is the major cause of fatal accident, leading to several deaths. Despite these concerns, people are still fixated on their phones that are dangerous to. Laws Against Hand-held Cell Phone Use As of March 10th, 14 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S.

Argument Essay on the Use of Cell Phones while Driving

Virgin Islands prohibit all drivers from using hand-held cell phones while driving. Using a cellphone to report an emergency, like a car crash, while driving is OK under the law. "Of course we need to get emergency medical personnel there as quickly as possible.".

Laws against cell phone use while driving essay
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Essay on using cell phones while driving